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Welcome toNewton on TrentChurch of England Primary SchoolAiming High, Enjoying the Journey

Challenge Time

During time when children are not working with an adult for an input or participating in an adult led activity they are encouraged to complete their challenges. Challenges are set each week in the different areas of the provision, and are differentiated to meet different children's needs. They are set up to improve children's skills in all the different areas of learning, so they might focus on counting, writing a new sound, improving fine motor skills, exploring colour and texture, role playing to use new vocabulary, making representations of things, learning ways to join, fix and make structures stronger, making up songs and learning about the world around them, and in other parts of the world and in the past. 


Children have their own challenge book with their individual challenges in. When they have completed a challenge, they must provide some form of evidence to a grown up to have the challenge signed off. It is only signed off if the challenge has been completed properly and to a good standard. They can then tick the challenge on the check sheet and move on to another. This is a great way for children to work independently on tasks and a great way for the adults to assess and observe their independent ability. 


Children can always access all the provision areas, but these challenges give them a focus and help them with their individual next steps.