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Children in Chimp Champs are not set routine homework each week. However, they are expected to read their books as often as possible with this being written in their Home School Book (HSB).




Reading is regularly reviewed in the form of a miscue assessment to see if children are ready for the next Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) book level.  ORT home reading books are changed once a week, usually on Tuesdays. Please encourage your child to reread a book several times, this allows them to become more confident with sight reading the words as they become more familiar with them, and then allows them to add more expression and use a 'storyteller's voice' to bring the story to life. Also discuss the pictures and story with your child, linking it to their own experiences, if it reminds them of another book, what characters might be feeling, or what they think might happen next and why. Try to encourage children to justify their answers with evidence from the pictures or text and what they have seen happen before.


When children begin reading Read Write Inc. (RWI) books at school, they will begin to bring home a corresponding Book Bag Book. These are closely matched to the sounds and red words they have been reading and writing with at school, and give them great confidence. There are tips at the start of the books to 'warm' the children up by practising sounds, red and green words before reading the book. These are changed as appropriate for the book being read in school. 


We will keep you informed of what sounds the children have been learning in their RWI sessions in their Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Booklet. These sounds are not tested, but children will be routinely assessed in their general reading and writing. 


Later in the year, children will bring home tricky red words (those that can't be sounded out) in a pack . These should also be practised, but again they are not formally tested, if children can quickly read the word, and write it correctly, independently they will be removed form their pack. This is regularly reviewed.  


Children will be asked to observe seasonal changes four times a year. They will look at weather, appropriate clothing, day length and thinking about what happens every year in that season, such as Bonfire Night, Christmas, Easter and the summer holiday.