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Year 1

Additional learning from 11/05/20


I hope you are all well.


I have added some more ideas of activities you can do to keep yourselves busy which have great learning, interest and hopefully fun built into them for yourself an your child/ren. 


There is also a time capsule workbook you might like to work through to help reflect on this time and have to look back on in the future.


Both documents are below (sorry it's got messy, but I don't seem to be able to add folders, and don't want to remove things as people are in very different places with what they have and haven't done)


Stay Safe, 

Mrs Robinson

Learning from Monday 4th May.


I hope you are all still well. It has been so lovely to speak to some of you in person or on the phone this week. 


This week I would like children to look at the weather and the seasons more formally. I have attached the sheet below that the children have already completed for autumn and winter, I would now like them to do one for spring. I have also included some activities for children to measure and monitor the weather themselves, (this will be a great way to apply their work on capacity and volume). I have updated the maths with place value and addition and subtraction work for the next few weeks.


As you may know Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE day. There are celebrations happening in the village for you to get involved with. I have also added some activity ideas below.


Please do let me know what you have been doing, either by email, facebook, twitter or Tapestry. 


Stay safe,

Mrs Robinson



It is 400 years since the Mayflower set sail for the New World. Try making a Mayflower (hawthorn blossom) as per the instructions below. 
Please see the web link below for daily phonics sessions from Ruth Miskin (The creator of Read, Write Inc.). Please note the videos are only available for 24 hours after they have first been streamed. Also in documents below is a daily schedule of the times each session will play. 

Update for W/C 20/04/20



I hope you are all keeping well and have had chance to enjoy the glorious sunshine of last week.


I have updated the 'Home Learning Activities' below to add new areas of learning to explore with your child. At this moment, we still do not know how much longer this will continue, but I will add more learning suggestions through the weeks for as long as needed. 


It has been lovely to see some things added to Tapestry of what children have been up to, and I would enjoy seeing more, so please do add what learning you've been up to on there too. 


I have added some more website links below as many organisations have added more and more resources to help children learn from home. 


I look forward to seeing you all soon, and as ever, please contact me if you need to.


Stay safe,


Mrs Robinson


Children will be bringing home Home Learning Packs with with a wealth of resources so they can continue their learning at home should the need arise.  A detailed program of what children can cover is included below in 'Home Learning Activities - Year 1'. Paper packs have also been sent. The Year 1 pack will include: 

- Handwriting books with a comprehensive explanation of which letters and sounds to practise. Children will be combining phonics, spellings and handwriting here. The books sent home have handwriting lines in and have modelled letters written in to demonstrate the correct positioning of letters on the lines. Included below and in the packs are the RWI phrases for correct letter formation and phonics.

- Spellings for the next few weeks have already been stuck into children's spelling books. Please help them practise and test them your self on Fridays at the back of the book.

- Common exception word sheets have been put in packs to practise one a day.

- Reading - children will bring home more ORT books. Please read with your child everyday, either books at home or their school books. It would be lovely if you continued to write this into their HSB. At school we would have continued to expose the children to a range of traditional tales, so it would be lovely if you could continue to read these to your children too. Please contact school if you do not have access to any traditional tales. Many e-books are available online and some can be accessed from the Oxford Owl link below. 

Maths - Children have brought home addition and subtraction learning sheets to consolidate, especially the bridging 10 aspect. Teaching guides have been sent too to aid understanding.  

Science - a venn diagram for classifying animals by their diet has been included as has a classifying animals and why worksheet. 

RE - A selection of stories from the Qur'an have been added to help children see what those stories tell Muslims about their one God.

Topic - a selection of activities is suggested on the Home Learning Information document, but a sheet for the village survey is included.

There are also some optional extras that the children might be interested in.

All work that children do can be put into their lined or plain book as appropriate.

Any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,

Mrs Robinson