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Welcome toNewton on TrentChurch of England Primary SchoolAiming High, Enjoying the Journey

Pre-School Information

Newton on Trent Pre-School


We are very excited to be welcoming your Pre-school child into the Newton on Trent school community!


Preschool Hours:


We offer three hour sessions: mornings will be 8.30am - 11.30am and afternoons will be 11.45am – 2.45pm.


If your child accesses a morning funded session and you would like your child to stay for lunch (11.30am – 12.30pm) there will be a cost of £4.00. A hot lunch can be ordered through our catering company. You can also use any spare funded hours (if eligible) you have towards the lunch hour and simply pay for the meal through the catering company.


Afternoon sessions will include lunchtime. Children can bring a pack-up or again order a hot dinner through our catering company.


If you have a 30-hour entitlement code, you can send your child 8.30am until 2.45pm. Again, children can bring a pack-up or order a hot meal through our catering company.


During the morning your child will be given a fruit snack and milk or water. 




We will only be offering pre-school provision during term time. There are three options available to parents regarding funding and paying for hours when attending our pre-school.


Universal: For our model, children can access up to 15 free hours a week. These funded hours start the term AFTER your child turns three. As this is universal funding, you won’t need a code but will simply need to register with us as a provider. You can take these hours in mornings or afternoons. You can also take these hours over two and a half days.


Extended: For our model, children who are eligible can access up to 30 free hours a week. For this option you would need to apply for an eligibility code via If you want you child to access funded hours over the universal 15 hours you will need to apply even if you don’t use the full 30 hours allocation. You can access this funding the term AFTER your child turns three. For this option, you must renew this code every three months. If you do not, the hours your child then accesses will be charged at our hourly rate.


Funded/Fee paying: If your child accesses 15 hours universal and is not eligible for the 30 hours funding, you can still access additional hours within the school day but you will need to pay fees. We will be charging £4.00 an hour for any additional hours taken.


In order to staff pre-school, any changes to your child’s hours will need to be given with four weeks’ notice. Our pay policy and terms and conditions will be available shortly and we will send this information out to you in due course.


Pick up and Drop Off:

A member of staff will open the gates at 8.15am and you are welcome to drop your child off at their classroom. This of course may be slightly different due to COVID19 but we will inform you nearer the time if this is the case.



We expect children to wear school uniform. There is a flyer enclosed. Children will need to wear a school top and jumper/cardigan. Children can then wear grey trousers/shorts/ pinafore dress/ school skirt or summer dress.


More information can be found on our website. To protect their uniform, we have aprons and outer wear.


What to bring:

Please ensure all of your child’s items are labelled with their name. They will need a waterproof coat, wellies, spare clothes, sun hat, sun cream applied in hot weather, hat/gloves in winter.


Children are strongly encouraged not bring in any of their own toys.


Toilet Trained:

If your child is not toilet trained, you will need to supply nappies/pull ups and wipes. If you are in the middle of toilet training, we will support your routine and approach to potty training your child. We would strongly encourage, if you haven’t already, to begin potty training to enable your child to be as pre-school ready as possible.


Pack Ups:

If your child is bringing a pack up we follow a healthy eating school policy. This means there is an expectation that there is no chocolate or sweets or fizzy drinks. As a rule of thumb, you will find an appropriate pack up treat in the biscuit aisle rather than the confectionary aisle.


If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.